Into the Pioneers… and Beyond!

By September 25, 2019 October 8th, 2019 Campsites, Excursions

Following in Lewis and Clark’s footsteps, we headed for Lost Trail Pass, then bore east past the Big Hole Battlefield and onto the foothills of the Pioneer Mountains.  There, we funned for days with hot springs and crystal beds!

Our unparalleled navigation led us mistakenly over Lost Trail Pass and into Idaho.  We stopped and deliberated if we should keep going into potato country, then decided to high-tail it back to MT! It just so happened as Rebecca(the navigator) took this picture we missew the turn again!  3 times over the pass to make it once…

The Wet sauna/hot,hot tub in Elkhorn was a sweaty oasis that sulfurously healed aching bones and gave temper to the sub-freezing morning temperatures.

Had dinner with a nice couple we met in the springs at the rustic lodge.  We love this place!

We made our way up the byway to Crystal Park, a pock-marked hill that gives up polyhedral crystals to those willing to claw at the dirt.  We found a couple clear points before deciding this is not the way to spend the day.

Dillon MT was our next stop, where we watered up at a cute KOA that hugged the Beaverhead River, and gave us a moment’s solace to chill.

Hat got sat on, so I had it re-creased at a cool, boutique western store called Atomic 79.

Met some folks from Nayarit that actually work with cheese, so ate a lunch of Chile Colorado that easily doubled as dinner.

We finished our stint in Dillon by catching the new Brad Pitt movie(eww) at a 60 y/o cinema.  Nice folks!