Thermopolis Hot Springs

By August 14, 2019 August 30th, 2019 Excursions

A short drive from our Walmart overnight in Riverton led us to the World’s largest mineral hot springs in Thermopolis, WY.  Warranted to be free and open to all by Chief Washakie, we pulled under cottonwoods and did our apportioned 20 min soak every 2 hours in the sulfurous waters.

The southern approach is through the Wind River Canyon, a spectacular route with many tunnels blasted through hard rock.

The spring has been bubbling for 200 years out of this 30 ft deep hole.  The Chief himself dug a private bathtub just up the hill. 127 degrees and more minerals than a multi-vitamin!

18,000 GPM run out into a series of multihued terraces.  20 years ago, a drought lowered the water table and the waters no longer cascade into the pool(which is kept at 104 degrees).

The suspension bridge over The Bighorn.  People would drown in droves to reach the site before its construction, as this is a particularly difficult crossing.