Hello, we’re Rebecca and Sean, and we welcome you to the portal of our new life On the Road.  We’re a team of two with a companionable mutt named Denver who’ve flushed our former lives as employed professionals in Austin and are now outbound on a (TBD) long trek to explore both the world outside our former boxes as well as our worlds within.

A lot of research went into the planning of this trek, and we’re looking forward to sharing with you our explorations and new vistas, as well as our mistakes and lessons hard-learned.  We’re sure they’ll be plenty!

Take a look at our Travel Log that we’re updating with pictures and stories (as connectivity allows). Peek in our Maps Page to see a chart of our progress.  We’re building sections as we go, so stop by often for updates, and feel free to reach out if you want to say Hello!

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In our quest for “cool” we’re heading north and getting “cooler” every day!  How Cool RV?  Follow our travels and let us know!

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Denver The Dog

Scout and Head Flea Scratcher

Picked up a year ago from the pound, he's proven his loyalty to and adoration for Rebecca. He tolerates Sean.


Senior Risk Taker

Sean does the driving and holds the camera while the rest of the team poses beautifically by nature's finest features.


Trailer Debutante

Rebecca is the inspiration engine that drives the whole shebang. She steadies the passions and constant bickering of the other two, and serves as a stalwart of good engineering when needed.