On the Level

I attached dual levels by the jack to show me the way.

Hit the Spacebar

I installed a bar on the screen door to give somebody something to grab onto.

No Space Uncluttered

We took over a nook beside the fridge with a screwed down wire rack that holds lots of essentials – like a G and an A harmonica!  Perched on top (and wearing the cowboy hat Rebecca got me for my birthday) is our watcher.

The Marriage of Lead and Acid

We wanted to ensure enough electrical capacity for long winter nights, so set out to build a real juice box! The battery box was a Craftsman side truck tool box, with angle iron screwed along the bottom edges for both rigidity and as a trap for the battery straps. Along with this, I installed an external battery disconnect switch and a 300A terminal fuse in case of meltdown.


We padded the bottom of the stock 4 inch cushions of our dinette with an extra inch of stout foam, then covered all in a lively dual fall pattern fabric with vinyl bottoms (important for moisture control). Before, you’d kiss the supporting structure with ass cheeks after sitting for a while. Now, it’s like somebody with great hands is cupping your butt.

Statement of Fact

Rebecca wanted to put a sticker on the trailer to denote our status as armed and dangerous.  I think Yosemite Sam said it best!

A Head Above!

Replaced the stock dribbler of a shower head with an Oxygenics multi-adjust, cut off, low-flow model.  A perk is that it now sits high enough to wash my bald spot.

Leak Preventer

Caulked all shower seams with a nice almond bead.. Why wasn’t this done at Factory?

The Hydra Of Brooms

Cobbled together a multi-head broom that also mops, brushes and squeegees.

More Storage!

Made a form-fit, 3/4" plywood base to hold a  reinforced three-drawer cabinet held in place by a twist lock and velcro’d for closure.


 Bastardized an Ikea stackable system by cutting where necessary, then screwing down in place.

Magic Mirror

Mirror on the door provides the illusion of a third person in the trailer.

Coupla Standard Mods

Installed a cheap paper towel holder that holds cheap paper towels.  I put in a number of hooks to hold utensils, as well as a file folder wedged and stuck to the backsplash that does the same.

Cutting Board/Workspace

I bought an unfinished hardwood laminate plank at Goodwill for $3, and after sanding and finishing with mineral oil , it really shines. Its canted, non-skid legs fit perfectly over sink or stove. I pulled the cheesy cantilever cover off the 3 burner top so the board can sit, providing precious counter space when needed.


Cooking’s a greasy affair, so I installed faux beaten copper panels to the walls around the stove, leading to the door. I stuck it with PL400 and finished with edge and corner moulding.

Coffee Shop

Knocked out a blank plate in the pantry, threw in a shelf (whose fasteners served as support for the bedroom coatrack), and voila! Instant helmet storage and caffeine nook.

The Fixin’s

Here’s the pantry, chock full of our typical staples, de-lites and small indulgences. Non-skid liner added and the floor of the tall shelf replaced with ½” ply. Added an extra closure on the door and Velcro on the bins to prevent flour bombs and marinara messes from happening. Motion-detect light installed at the top

Netflix n Chill

Storage is at a premium in our little box.  I built 2x12-supported steps that neatly fit a pair of storage bins on either side.  There’s enough space to where they just lift out.

Another Place to Stick Things

Storage is at a premium in our little box.  I built 2x12-supported steps that neatly fit a pair of storage bins on either side.  There’s enough space to where they just lift out.

Mom’s Gift

A roll-up wardrobe my mother gave me now serves as clothes rack provided you don’t mind wearing a rolled up T-shirts.

Top That!

We only have short queen to drift off in, which for those of you that have ever been 6’4” means your ankles will hang off.  To make the most of it, we installed a gel swirl 2” topper above the prison-issue stock mattress that together give a great night’s sleep.

Gennie in the Bottle

Added a 2000W Harbor Freight Inverter/Generator to the inventory for battery feed on those socked-in days.

The Green Grass of Home

We’re carrying two 6x9 sections of Astro-Turf to act as out our perch and putting green.  They’re tucked behind the spare tire, held in place by the rain gutter sections that provide both weather resistance and also give support for the blackwater hose when run to the sewer connect. It’s affectionately known as the poop sluice.  Note the backup camera below the license plate that’s installed but still needing some troubleshooting.

Outdoor Cookery

We accomplished the act of getting cooking off-board by the installation of a French cleat on the side that holds a sweet little propane-fired BBQ pit. I got the rig off Craigslist for next to nothing and ran the gas tee and disconnect myself. Flame On!

Sun Power

Done through the addition of 400W  of polysilicon panels to  the trailer to give us up to 30A solar, trickled through a solar controller into qty 4 6volt golf cart batteries, paired into a 12v supply with 440AH. This, along with the trailer’s larger fresh, grey and black water tanks, gives us the chance to stay unplugged for longer.

Jacked Rig

The rig was full of Edison plugs (120 volt) but no place to stick a DC device, which can be a pinch if you’re operating on battery power.  Now we’ve got 12VDC and USB jacks beside each bed and a central unit with voltage readout under the dinette. Had to put a dot of black paint over the blue LED's to With our 12VDC fans, adapters and appliances, we’re ready to plug and play!

Swapped Lamps

Switched all lamps from incandescent to LED.  The harshness of the spectrum seemed a little asylum-ish, so I hit the interior of the luminaires with a Krylon Frosted Glass spray paint. Things are much softer around the edges now.   We also exchanged the dim, haunted house incandescent porchlight for a 16 foot LED strip really cast a beam at night.  Lastly, I mooded up the bedroom by putting tape over the light.

Denver’s Digs

ORV cheaped out by not opening all available spaces, so I did some carving around existing plumbing and developed a nice little nook in the pantry bottom that’s stained throughout. Currently holding 10lbs beg prevention pellets and the holy foam roller of all muscle cramps.

Bookshelves in This Day and Age

Technically they’re magazine racks. I fab’d one to fit over each bedroom window, stocking mine with Thor Heyerdahl and Indian Medicine Guides.  Rebecca has 35 lbs of O magazines and Black Hole Focus (I recommend reading!)