Glacier, pt. 1

By September 4, 2019 September 7th, 2019 Campsites, Excursions

5 weeks into our journey, we finally make Glacier Nat’l Park’s Two Medicine Campground.  Coming from the National Forest system, the rules, the crowds and the regimentation are quite a shock!

Lone Wanderer Mountain towers over the old growth forest of spruce and fir, on the trail up to Upper Two Medicine Lake.

A young, antlered bull scrapes the muck from the bottom of the lake, where trout regularly beat 15 lbs.

Upper Two Medicine Lake.

The logjam leading out of the lake.  We walked along the deserted western(left) edge, until I heard a sound that could only be an angry moose huffing and chuffing in the berry bushes.  We skirted our way out.

Sinohpa Mountain over Two Medicine Lake at sunset.  I stayed in the water fishing long enough to watch a kingfisher catch more fish than me.