Up the Sun River

By August 27, 2019 September 7th, 2019 Campsites

We took a 20 mile drive down dirt roads to reach the Sun River Canyon campgrounds and lodge, nestled in the Lewis and Clark Nat’l Forest.  With the choke cherries at full ripeness, the area was rich with bears and we were on alert at all times.

On the banks of the Sun.  Castle Reef towered overhead, and with reports of a pestering black bear sow with cubs in the area, we never left the trailer without bear spray and a .45.

Having caught my limit of rainbow trout the day before, we ventured out to the dam of the drawn-down Gibson Reservoir again to try our luck.

A delicious lunch on Day 1.

No luck at all on the fishing for Day 2, but we were treated to the sight of 4 bald eagles hover-fishing in the lake.

Becca decided it was a bit risky to venture out onto the rocks with Denver and I. You can see her hugging the cliffs right mid-frame.