Cody, WY

By August 15, 2019 September 7th, 2019 Attractions

Cody turned out to be the Wild West with a Gucci store downtown.  Very campy and faux-cowboy, with spray on tanning salons specializing in the Redneck, it nonetheless had a certain, definite charm.

Bill and I

This included the Buffalo Bill Museum, a tribute to the Showman and the mystique of the Wild West.  An entertaining couple hours spent perusing the most extensive firearm collection I’ve ever seen.

It’;s a buffalo, Bill.

Albert Schreyvogle’s, “Old Faithful”

We stayed at Sunrise RV Park, right next door to the 120 year old saloon, Cassie’s.  All in all, a great little stop on our way to the Beartooths.  We used this break to clean up and attend to some personal hygiene needs.

Denver patiently gets his teeth brushed.